The Dog that saw the rainbow...

Reaching upwards I touch a star
Burning and cold it splinters
Leaving bits and pieces of shiny
Colored glass over my face
Across the universe
In my eyes...

Waving my hands I send them out
Sparkling and flying high then low
Rainbows dropping here and there
Sent from elsewhere and tomorrow
Leave salty trails of tears
And bubbles of laughter

Clear cold tracks from
Heart to mind and back again
Confusion in the swirling emotions
I catch and release these
Moments, the colors of life
That lay in my hands

Like a fist full of sky
Or an ear full of music
Too rich and complex for a
Mere mortal like me
To comprehend or capture
With words.


Shoma said...

Love the first image :) and the way it blends in all shades. Love it. It's worth the wait :)

Ray said...

Thank u...worked on it over the last few days and completed it...its good to know it lived up to its title...

Anonymous said...

I m like the dog who can never see the rainbow or a man full of hopes. Failed every attempt to reach new heights, but hope is all i have.

Ray said...

Hope is quiet a for rainbows...I don see them either..but i'm sure that someone somewhere sees them and it only a matter of time before i see it...or better still before we see it...