Thursday, February 26, 2009

For you my love...

Thought I couldn't live without you
As I saw your blood dripping
My hands red
I had lost you
Without a sign
As I held you close
You slipped away
Into no-whereness
Consumed by the love for yourself

I loved you, I cared for you
You made me feel foolish
So I slit your throat
And now I smile
This no-whereness consumes me
As I hold the blade against my throat
I pull it without a care
For nowhere is where we are meant to be...

Beyond existence...

Since I believe that there's no God
No Satan, no heaven, no hellfire
Since I believe that when we expire
We needn't fear the judgment rod
Why do I still cling to every breath?
Why do I still fear death???


Lost in a world of Make believe
Dazed in life's swirling odyssey
Confused, anguished mental release
I deepest delirious day dreams

Mad World!!!


When I'm with you
I understand you
But you don't know me
My silence annoys you
You said so yourself
I think I know you
But a minute later
You are onto your next adventure
Your next mask
You can't hide your feelings from me
You don't know me
You don't want to...

Live my joys to kill

All night I muse
All day I cry
Yet still I wish, though still deny
I sigh I mourn and say that still
I only live my joys to kill
I feed the pain that feeds on me
My wound I stop not, though it bleeds
Heart be content, it must be so
For springs were meant to overflow
Then sigh and weep and mourn thy fill
seek no redress, but languish still
their griefs more willing they endure
That know when they are past recure...


You are hurting so much
You look at me
Your eyes pleading for help
For sympathy, understanding
But I can't help you
I just sit here and offer you
Unspoken Compassion
We don't say
But we know...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Redeem yourself....

lies within you
swims through you
devouring your soul
You look at me
You want help
I smile and turn away...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just Another Face...

Sit in front of a mirror
my face a blank canvas
Staring into possibilities
Foundation gives color
To this Blank and lifeless soul
Prettier it seems
Fake eyelashes
Lines the eyes
The frugality of existence
Eyeliner to adorn
The souls mirror
Which once captured many hearts
Lipstick marks the presence
Of the voice that escapes
These cracked lips
Feeling prettier
By it all
The Mirror never lies they say
But all that was left was
Just another face...


Numerous thoughts
Numerous Insights
Cut up my self
For loss of pride
Living in darkness
Loneliness caves
Torture stricken
The demon screaming to escape
Trapped in myself
I need to be free
free of all ties
Hurting those I love the most
uncontrollable rage
Frustrating thoughts
I'll kill myself
But fear of death denies the soul
The retribution is not in ones hold
Relieve me this pain
Run away into eternity
But the ties so precious
cant do without
Yet I hurt those I love the most...

Just for tonight...

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