Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Kiss...

We stood in the doorway
His hands on my waist
The clock tickling loudly
Almost in haste

He moved in closer
His eyes locked in mine
I long for his kiss
For just a moment in time

His lips meet mine
And I feel the sensation
No longer must I wait
To give into the sweet temptation

My knees go weak
My palms become sweaty
I go back to that place
I have been so many times already

The world disappears
All that's left is him and I
And as we pull away
I feel as though I could fly

Friday, August 8, 2008

Someday Soon......


Tears fall from a broken heart
shattered to pieces by lies
bending beneath emotions
weakness on the rise

Feeling the pains of rejection
lost in the arms of despair
reaching for the one I love
crumbling because he's not there


Thoughts such a jumble
feeling that I'm to blame
angry at the world in whole
tired of playing the game

Heart torn and bleeding
trying to grasp the string
that keeps me held up
as I fly with just one wing

TODAY .....

Realizing I am not to blame
for the betrayal of your trust
but if it makes you feel better
blame me if you must

Within my heart I now know
my moods must halt these swings
for I go with the flow of your emotions
and unhappiness is what it brings

Thankful to my friends and family
who've helped pull me through
no need to mention names
if you're reading this, you know who

Tired I must sleep now
awaken refreshed and alive
even if I cant live without you
realizing I cant survive .....


Things will look much brighter
my heart will find peace
no longer living in this anger
and searching for release

Moving on with you
I've already extended my hand
it's your choice whether to take it
and get the help I demand

So good-bye to hurt and anger
hello to a brand new day
knowing my heart will mend
not today but ....someday

Cashing up on frozen Tears...

Behind the veil that she wears
She hides a gaze for she learnt to swear
She grounds her eyes, bores a hole deep
They taught her the art of promiscuous sleep
Cashing upon frozen tears
Seasonal juices she’ll lose, she fears
Mirrors will reflect the fissured skin
Yet the empty stomach prepares to commit a sin
The gentle blush upon a touch
A shriek unheard is made 2 hush
Slithering monsters grabbing by the arm
Picking and choosing the fruits of the farm

For her love is a tale
Most unheard, yet like many she fails…
A grain of sand was picked from a few
She kissed him and he disappeared like dew
In a delusion she lived and awaited
For the night to come and love satiated
The longest night in her dreams it was
A salty night silenced the pause
The lunatic days lingered for long
She heaved and sighed and played a song
Lonesome in the quilt she lay
Waiting for the snakes to hiss and throw her away

This is her journey so grim, so vague
She loved him yet died of this plague
Welcomed by the honest grave
Shell sleep forever in its arms, she’s safe
In the darkness of the day
Her eyes will decay
The moon will rise
The sun will shine
She’ll risk her flesh with an earnest mind
She’ll play the sport, before she’s blind
For Behind the veil that she wears
She hides a gaze for she learnt to swear…

Into the Forest of my Heart...

Dreaming about a journey i embark,
Into The Forest Of My Heart,
The wolves of Pain have made life dark,
And ripped happiness' sheep apart,

The trees of love are calloused and frozen,
Over the cottage of belief,forsaken and broken,
The doorway of trust has been left half open,
With the creepers of lies everywhere,honesty lyes unspoken,

But The Forest Here Was Once A Safe Warm Place,
With Peace And The Sunrays Of Hope Everywhere,
The Forest Bred Life With A Beautiful Grace,
But All That's Left Is The Reign Of Despair..

The Inferno of wrath has disgraced,
And the set the sea of reason Aflame,
The sun of hope has a blackened face,
With the clouds of depression to blame,

Now The Perpetual Darkness Of Revenge Lyes Not Too Far,
The Forest Floor Of Emotions Has Been Riven Apart,
But My Journey will Go On To Reveal The Scar,
Into The Forest Of My Heart...


Counting down the days when you walked out that door,
tasting your last graven kiss tats stained my lips forevermore,
and now i lye amidst the guilt of a life i could have saved,
all this i say as i cry upon your grave..

I feel your pain of death while im alive,
why did i ever let u go,why did u have to die,
and as these parasites of pain begin to thrive,
i see your body lay, and im burnin up like a candle inside..

the silence of the past echoes in my ears,
its seems like you were here yesterday, but its been 7 years,
since the last time you said tat u loved me just as well,
im burnin up within, while you're burnin in hell,

and i regret in pain, but the pain is my only friend,
as i cry on your hollow grave,i want my life to end,
there's nothin left from the yesteryears,
these parasites have turned my pain into blood drenched tears..

Counting down the days when you walked out that door,
tasting your last graven kiss tats stained my lips forevermore,
and now i lye amidst the guilt of a life i could have saved,
all this i say as i lye to die upon your grave..


I need to know, under this cloud,
Is it only sadness, that exists in pain?
Can't the grieving deceive themselves,
Mistake their own tears for rain?

I need to know, next to this shore,
Is a sailor, not a sailor away from the docks?
Can't a romantic write of roses and hearts,
Staring at the darkness of the midnight clocks?

I need to know, next to the pyre,
Is a lesson, not a lesson, if you don't learn?
Is a flame, not a flame,
If it's kiss, doesn't burn?

I need to know, from this river,
Is something not true, always a lie?
Would you still call water, water,
Even if it's touch leaves you dry?

I need to know, from the looking glass
Is being not dead, a sign of life?
Would you still be a poet,
If you dropped your pen, and embraced a knife?

Colors of pain...

Colors of pain
Broken glasses
Opened frames
Heart slowly burned in ardent flame.

Pieces of dreams
Drowned at deep depth
Suffocating inside
Just for a breathe.

Colors of pain-
In my bleeding eyes
Fear that arise
Played half life with demon’s dice.

Walls painted with blood
Monotonous cacophony
Freshen my wound
Layed unconsciously at the ground.

Colors of pain
Tears drops of slain soul
Thorns of agony and contempt
Forced me towards death.

Freedom from this hell
Chain fastened my hand and feet
Tried hard to escape
To free my soul in space.

Something in the Way...

Something that got lost in the dreams
Something that the darkness stole
Colors which were benighted by black n white
A thousand tears that took toll

The days when the rains kissed me
The gleam that redefined this smile
The shiver which didn’t let us sleep
The unexplainable beauty turned senile

The bed of red roses turned black
Those childish dreams turned sour
The slow numbers lost their tune
The birds that sang flew away far

Well it just started raining, so let it pour
The candle still holds, the flame shall be the mentor
Don’t drift away, wait just one more day
One more prayer, for something in the way

Come into the night, flee those fears away
Sing with a smile in memory of an unforgettable array
Let the rain be a reason for you to play
Dream out loud as you walk, for something in the way

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I see a pretty girl,
Giving her soul to the devil to become an angel,
The devil smiles n hugs her

She seeks love from his evil heart,
But he disappeared in the dark
She falls down and realizes her eyes were closed

A stranger looked into her eyes and said the world does not vanish when u close your eyes,
It was just me in the devils disguise,
Be my angel not for now but for life

She looked back and said
I know to walk but I want to crawl
To learn to jump I will have to fall…

Under the Knife...

Heart aches
Tears fall
Smile fake
Death calls

False laughter
Silent cries
Hope gone
Trust dies

Scars shown
Memories painful
Knife near
Life shameful

Sleepless night
Dreaded days
Finding myself
Slipping away

Left alone
Shit scared
Frightening thoughts
Nothing said

Feared nightmares
Another day
Anger rises
Keep away

Left defeated
Feeling mad
Confused mind
Hurting bad

Tortured heart
Battered brains
Deep cuts
Bloody stains

Hidden feelings
Emotions confused
Hurting inside
Knife used......


My tears say a prayer
Filled with despair and sorrow
Hope someone would rock my cradle
And wake me up tomorrow

To get me into bed
And sing me a song
There's no one beside me
The nights are really really long

To make me breakfast
And make me lunch
Bake me some cookies
With a whole lot of crunch

Someone to get me dressed
Walk me to school
Someone for me to fool
On the day of April fool

Someone to give me gifts
When I turn a new year
Listen to my dreams
And always lend an ear

Someone to hug
Someone to kiss me
And when I am away
Someone who would miss me

To teach me to share
To teach me to play
Someone I could wish
On Mothers Day

To clean me up
When I play in the dirt
To wipe my tears
When my knee gets hurt

To tell me a story
And put me to bed
to show the green trees
And the roses that are red

I'll never play with her now
It's all too late
I see her in my tears
I was undone by fate

She talks to me though
When I am in my dream
Only then am i happy
As sad as it may seem

I have a few memories
But they are just a trace
How I love to see my mom
When I draw her face

She wont come back to me
I will never see her
The only time I see her
Is in my prayer

So, I spread my arms
And I start to pray
I wish i had my mom
For just another day

Broken Smile

Sunlight coming through the haze
Blinding my thoughts but showing me several ways
I try to free my soul but I get drifted away
I hold on to my dreams and pass away my last days

Looking at the world outside I get a feeling stronger than hate
But I keep on breathing and let it go
The rainbow fades to black casting a spell on my fate
Making my life a puzzle of fire

Everything was left unexplained
The pleasure of pain….the lust insane
Loosing my grip on reality I walk towards the dark rays
I look back at the sun and I see the moons darkest phrase

A new confusion…
Dreams with twisted illusions
My madness left me for a while
There was a broken dream behind every smile

Just for tonight...

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