Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Every drop of tear that lost its fight
Every drop of blood that failed to ignite
I stood n I fell n I failed to rise
As every reflection of innocence failed to suffice

My mirrors cracked
My walls crashed
Flooded in my own pool of catharsis
With a scribbled plea on an empty canvas

My life became a unique jigsaw puzzle
With a corresponding piece missing at every step
But I made sense to it and I swallowed every tear
For every other promise could be kept

I sold my dreams to buy my love
I forgave my obsessions as I kept him above
I walked in the dark, for he, could have light
I sacrificed my breath, so he, could survive

The eyes of the dead envy me
They look for a kill, they wanna set me free
They feel my pain as they seethe in anger
They wanna redeem a life which was a deliberate failure

As I sulk in the darkest corner of my room
Discovering that I forfeited everything for others, as I spelled doom
I hid every ounce of pain behind every possible curtain
What do you think was the reason?

Was it the darker side of ambition?
Or was it the price for redemption?

Dawn of Conception

From the dawn of our conception, to the sunset of our life,
Our time evokes sensations, happiness, trouble and strife.
Through experience and expectations, wisdom comes of age,
Borne of misconceptions, tolerance and rage.
Battered with life’s milestones, bombarded with life’s woes,
Our weaknesses and troubles, time will soon expose.
Tear away our armour, show our inner soul,
Because of all our whims and wants, Life surely takes its toll.
If time allowed a second chance, renewed this awesome gift,
Allow my weathered existence, to have a new facelift.
Would I avoid all the hardships, navigate past the pain,
In truth, with contemplation, I’d do it all again.

Lost. Before it came

I’m broken and left feeling lost.
Lost what I never had.
Gone before it came.
The end of life, before its birth.
Now I feel left in the dark.
Crying without tears,

Screaming without a sound.

Life goes on, the world keeps going round!

Don't let go...

you whisper "don't let go of me"
"we'll meet again, you'll see"
"baby look me in my eyes"
your eyes, so beautiful so nice.
"keep this strong"
"yes baby I'll hold on"
I whisper "baby I will"
"cause I'm waiting still"
give me just a minute longer than this
hold me tight and give me a kiss
"oh I'll miss you"
"really" "yes baby I do"
I say in myself, oh I'll miss your touch
oh baby I need you so much
"baby listen, don't cry"
"I'll be standing by your side"
I don't wanna lose this all
cause, yes I need your hands when I fall  

Dark cloak...

Dark cloak
hanging on my door
silky remnants
of a time before
and a message
in my mail
warning me to be there
never to fail.
Dark cloak
discarded on my bed
sweet thought of you
linger in my head
Lay my head on the pillow
the cloak is my guard
falling asleep is no longer
so very hard
Dark cloak
drawn tight over me
as i slumber
so sweetly
come over in the night
lay beside me for a while
put your arms over me
and twist me face in a smile  

For the first time...

Stopping my tracks to watch the clouds get tossed around
Suddenly its all I can think about...
There's a sunshine in my heart
Its this feeling that I always sought.
I don't want to run, don't want to dart
I want to stay, feel what this tide has brought.
I used to be so scared of being lost
For the first time I won't calculate the cost.
I feel this confidence in my soul
A trust in all things beautiful
A faith in happy endings
A belief in me and you
A promise at a glance
A will to take a chance
There's a truth in your eyes
And for now, no more clouds in the skies

Never Enough!!!

Close your eyes
And we’ll pretend
It’s just us here
Alone again
You brushed my tears
And kissed me gently
We knew that
Was more than friendly

So hold me tight
Don’t tell me no
I’ll take your hand
I won’t let go
I’ll watch your smile
And stroke your cheek
So don’t say
You feel incomplete

Pray for the storm...

Summer lingers…
a sentimental lover bearing down
when it’s too hot for that.
No relief will find me
in the swamp of his embrace.
I pray for the storm to come,
to soak up
summer’s steam,
loaded with mistakes.
I run in circles, whirling my arms
like an airplane waiting to land,
dropping incendiary sweat
as I try to stir the air,
a rich broth, but I’ve no appetite, only
and anticipation
for the storm.
He could come in the night–
sudden and deliberate, cool and gone–
to let me dream calmly, finally,
in the rumbling thunder after,
I would lie back on the sand, more than willing–
unbelted, unbuttoned, burned, untied–
waving to ourselves in vain.
I watch his blue fingers stroking the horizon,
ready for whatever he brings.

for the one i love...

Laying underneath the stars,
On a warm silent night.
Your arms are wrapped around me,
And everything feels right.

You kiss me sweet and softly,
I feel your warm gentle touch,
You help me feel protected
Under the sweet night sky rush.

My world before me is perfect.
There's nowhere else I want to be,
Except laying underneath the stars
Hand in hand, you and me.

Just when everything is perfect,
And you seem so delicately sweet,
A rush of wind comes past me
As I'm swept beneath my feet.

Nothing could be more right,
There's nowhere else I want to be.
Let's take a walk my only love,
Hand in hand, you and me.

Just for tonight...

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