Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blank yet wondering...

With each passing moment
I slip into an emotional coma....
Every thought an expression undeterred
A mysterious sense of agony
Eating away into a mindless purpose
Sifting through every motion emotion
Reliability of non existence
Torn from within
A duct taped smile
Knowing all that is beyond logic
And yet I stand here painting
Myself red with the irony
Of all that is me
But I know in my heart you'll be ok....

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thoughts run astray....

Pale eyes, a blank expression,
wander through clouds of indescribable dreams.
Cold mist air, surrounded isolation
flaws my occupied mind
with either hate or death.
Something certain will be for always;
change in time forbids movement.
Fearing you understands myself;
help me open up, just a little more...

Echo of a shattered soul...

Like tyrants assembled with tears
Trembling like a tomb
And singing like a statue
I am as empty as the ocean.
My blind eyes scream in silence
So this eternal echo will be known.
Given to the foils of time,
And shattered like plate glass-
You freeze within the fire.
Darkness now lives at daylight,
And shadows turn to the ghosts.
With all that shined is hollow
You imagine unconsciously.
And pretending to sleep you realize,
Nothing is what it seems...

Just for tonight...

Dear Rebound Sex, you must be the hardest thing to unravel right now. You see, I always opposed you, I looked down on you, I counted my luc...