Thursday, December 11, 2008


Once you leave home you can never come back
for the doors and the walls are coated in black
the rooms shriek too see a familiar face
burnt out stories easy to trace

the floors wheeze in darkness
the dust still a breeze
crank up the heating
but your heart will still freeze

the windows are dirty
the spot will not out
and the curtains are stained
with acquainted doubt

the voices you hear
are not from the dead
and as much as you know them
they drown you with dread

so its true when they say you can never come home
the house is the same, but you are unknown
don't return to the place you ran from before
the demons still linger behind every door

Mirror did you see me bleed?

My body wet and cold.
The numbness consumes,
assumes its the death of

My world's black.
I'm in deeper than an
endless sack.
The world spins and I
find myself in front of
a mirror,
the mirror of me.

I'm trying to cover the
tears with make-up,
though the mascara runs
like its planning my funeral.
I'm trying to wipe away the
blood that surrounds my
broken soul,
though the more I move,
the more and more it

Oh please mirror please,
this isn't the end of me.
I'm breaking through
just please mirror please,
don't see me bleed.

My heart trickles weakly.
Hurt and Burnt.
I pick myself up off the
and wipe away my scrapped
knees. so I can begin

My heart spends it's last bit
of strength on fightening my
fears and learning to stand
nice and tall.

My life begins to shine
beneath my half decayed
no longer stumbling,
no longer slamming myself
against the crashing tides;
I know this is the beginning
of a new life.

I'm beginning to unbleed.
Oh mirror did you see me
Please mirror please tell me
did you see me bleed?

I'm telling you that's not me.
I've broken through.
So mirror did you see me
Is that my reflection I will
forever see?
Just tell me mirror did you
see me bleed?

**random about my past, i've broken out of fear of it which most should know if u've been following my poems..they all connect and tell the story of me. thnxs enjoy.**


I stand facing the
Blank stretch of canvas before me
Thinking of all those pictures
All those colours that were me
Unsaid words, unspoken beauty.

I watched in shock and dismay
The invisible force wrecking my life
Enveloping me in bleeding darkness
Colours of death, hues of strife
Unsaid words, a twisted knife.

I searched for solace
In the blood of my words
Looked for consolation
In a battleground of bitterness and hurt
Unsaid words, pain or mirth?

I lost in love
I lost the game
Hot tears in my eyes
Blinded by the shame

Unsaid words, unbearable pain.

Mindless Thoughts...

Beaten blue black
colors of pain and despair
logic impaired, reasoning disabled
frantic thoughts are all thats there

Evolving manhood
from spirits crushed
scaring childhood that taints the blood
settlement anonymous

Grillin' pain
man in a trance
embodiment of guilt
towering above

a silent cry
a desolate scream
crippled thoughts
unforgiven being.

Office Hours...

exiting each day
without a thought
quarreling for no rhyme o reason
preferences remain subdued
words don't come out right
each day by itself
a turmoil intolerable
a fight to get noticed
a revolution to be different
different not by things we do
differences inseparable
thoughts turn feces at the days end
reconciliation is all thats left.

Scrammin' Thoughts...

In this day the darkness begins,
As it soars through the brightened skies.

lost in thought
misplaced myself
gorging on life
like there is no end

Sweet memories come to mind
but none with traces of your tainted love

opened the doors
my spirit let lose
preying on my self esteem

've learnt a tale
of my mis fit life
hovering through these darkened skies.

Doorway of Love...

Seeds of love must pass
a doorway from now to then
a blossom grows there
sweetest lotus men do seek
to drink of waters so pure

scared haze of gold
an essence beyond compare
strip hearts of men bare
their souls search in lust and pain
while seeds of life bare fruit

This cold will always prevail through and through
back twisted and root wise, soiling the hours held
precariously, our earthbound slips and starts
buried in the deep hush below

If this is your disquiet,
If here is where the start ends and the end begins,
Then bleed until drip-dry
a sonorific slip of torqued tongue

No matter the distance, the shadows keep chase.

Just for tonight...

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