Thursday, March 8, 2012


Within this burdened breast
lies a heavy saddened heart,
this weight tortures rest
of it you were a part.

Now torn from my grasp,
forever it would seem,
this loneliness to never lapse
so empty have I been.

Once more, your embrace I need
to dispel this wretched grief.
From it I must be freed,
with your compassion my relief.

Come back and take my hand
to comfort and to hold,
end my devastation, if you can,
and soothe my aching soul...

Legacy of love

As darkness slowly seeps into the air
The September Sun sinks further into the pillows
That are made of mountains
I feel drawn to the night
Which I once so fiercely fought.

Velvety soft wings envelop me
And my heart is full of you.

If tomorrow comes without me
If the darkness should carry me softly away
If I have heard my last dawn chorus,
Seen my last bright sunrise, lived my last sweet day

Wrap my love around you like a blanket
When winter comes, to keep you warm.
And forgive me that I am not with you.
Let my love carry you through the storm...

She was alone...

Sometimes I walk alone at night.
I try to figure out why it's so hard for me to fight,
Why I've always tried to suppress the thoughts in my head,
the ones that wish me dead.

It seems that all was cold and dark along that path to my heart.
It seems that no one could see through the mask,
could see the hidden struggle
and everything goes back to the start

The beginning when all fell apart
the time when all broke down,
and the tears could not be heard,
but the pain lingered on,
gasping for air as it sucked all joy from her heart.

She could not even whisper her longing to be held,
her longing to forget,
her longing to be heard and loved.
She could not even face her own body,
her own face as she woke.

She was alone
She was alone because no one would ever know what made her cry,
and die and turn to ashes inside.
Because the silence was her only hope,
her mask of joy.

To understand -
She lost herself that day.
She lost all trust.
It was too much for her small heart to take,
too much for her small mind to forget.
Can it ever go away?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I am a derelict of no compassion;
Cast me staring where eyes are ashen.
Steely gaze on reflective faces-
Bore your bodies through their paces.
I'll think my thought, but give you naught
And never show my graces.
Show me the bait, and I will slander-
Show me your task and I'll meander.
Never my daylight will infuse it,
Tarnish my mask; forsake, misuse it.

I am a derelict with no concession-
Full fare paid to my obsession.
Never give in, but standing firm,
Hold you tight while trying to squirm.
I'll take your savings, pass your ravings
And never cut the term.
Without the odds, you're panic smitten-
Once twice shy, and always bitten.
Darkness is your first prelude;
Followed by the lightness' crude.

I am a derelict of third degree-
The bad, the worse, forlorn and ugly.
You stand in line and hear me mutter;
With laryngitis screaming from my gutter.
Backward talk, my lonely walk,
And sympathy refrained; no utter.
There would be ease to shoot my spine-
The Hatter's party- all cups are mine.
One day I may converse a season,
But nothing repeats without a reason.

Shadows of sorrow...

In dark dismay I recall a day-
With word and pen so fine in fashion.
Mellowed away to shades of gray,
Today I just pine for that passion.

Yet void of rest I take the test,
Facing another graceless day, alone.
Giving to the quest my generic best,
Faceless to this world, turned to stone.

So damned to drift along the rift-
Of teasing emotions I can't feel.
I search and sift for one to share my gift-
The silky sand oceans of ordeal.

With red-rimmed eye, a solemn sigh-
Echoes the wonder in my call.
With darkness on high blanketing the sky,
Does anyone understand me at all?

Stirred, but not shaken, I awaken-
The virility of hope for a tomorrow.
If only to be taken, forsaken-
By the groping shadow of Sorrow.

Underneath Me...

A black ocean is the sky above
Trapped in material plane, they search for love
Slow, slow lover, a beautiful disaster
I listen to your heart beat faster and faster

It's all a pretty train crash to me
Imagine the colors I can see
Twilight zone, twilight zone
Dancing in the dark alone

Among the flowers, lies the knife
Cut through the thorns, release your life
Reach past the cage made steel
Don't loose control, keep your hands on the wheel

Can you see into my mind's eye?
Slip out of consciousness, escape the lie
Why are we looking at broken mirrors?
Sometimes our words fall on deaf ears

When will the rains come and quench the ground
I see them but I don't hear a sound
Pain hits like a fallen satellite
Evil becomes good, dark becomes light

I search for something to hold onto, nothing in sight
Evil becomes good, dark becomes light
I'm drowning again, what is wrong, what is right
Evil becomes good, dark becomes light

I pull myself up to where I should be
Don't be afraid of becoming the sea
Night falls upon me; I stare at the sky
The stars stare back down, please don't let them die

Shadowed eyes...

Someday in the distant future
A memory will float upon you
Like the whispering willows
Being tossed by the wind

A thought touching you deep
A memory to be longed for
In her lost shadowed eyes
That once showed you love

Now the torment is gone
Her life went on
Forgotten reasons
Imprisoning her soul

Remember her
To your last breath
For in the folds of her heart
You have forever remained

Hidden in the haze of her reverie
Stroking her stoned heart
She feels no more sorrow
Just the warm soft glow

The roads she has wandered
Never revealed
The person you never knew
For it never will

No promises rendered
No dreams subdued
No more warm stormy nights
To capture her mood

Maybe you'll feel her
Her scent burning in the night
Recalling her touch
While shadowed in moonlight

She once had loved you
Holding you tight
Now her shadowed eyes
Can forever haunt you in the night

Just for tonight...

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