Written by a dear dear friend of mine 'Sumanta Kumar Saha'

Every time I was dejected and blue
I just closed my eyes and found you
You inspire like nobody else could do
And I am at lack of words that’d describe you
I thank you for those numerous times
When you touched my heart and made me smile

Sir-ji you are a poet and you didn't know it... :P

Damned and faceless...

In dark dismay I recall a day
With word and pen so fine in fashion
Mellowed away to shades of gray
Today I just pine for that passion

Yet void of rest I take the test
Facing another graceless day, alone
Giving to the quest my generic best
Faceless to this world, turned to stone

So damned to drift along the rift-
Of teasing emotions I can't feel
I search and sift for one to share my gift
The silky sand oceans of ordeal

With red-rimmed eye, a solemn sigh
Echoes the wonder in my call
With darkness on high blanketing the sky
Does anyone understand me at all?

Stirred, but not shaken, I awaken
The virility of hope for a tomorrow
If only to be taken, forsaken
By the groping shadow of Sorrow...