Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Every drop of tear that lost its fight
Every drop of blood that failed to ignite
I stood n I fell n I failed to rise
As every reflection of innocence failed to suffice

My mirrors cracked
My walls crashed
Flooded in my own pool of catharsis
With a scribbled plea on an empty canvas

My life became a unique jigsaw puzzle
With a corresponding piece missing at every step
But I made sense to it and I swallowed every tear
For every other promise could be kept

I sold my dreams to buy my love
I forgave my obsessions as I kept him above
I walked in the dark, for he, could have light
I sacrificed my breath, so he, could survive

The eyes of the dead envy me
They look for a kill, they wanna set me free
They feel my pain as they seethe in anger
They wanna redeem a life which was a deliberate failure

As I sulk in the darkest corner of my room
Discovering that I forfeited everything for others, as I spelled doom
I hid every ounce of pain behind every possible curtain
What do you think was the reason?

Was it the darker side of ambition?
Or was it the price for redemption?

Just for tonight...

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