Monday, June 16, 2008

So excuse me for being ME!!!

Pardon me
For not wanting to be your side dish
Pardon my resistance
In granting your selfish wish
Understand the only position
I'm accepting is number one
You still don't understand that
After all is said and done
Is it so hard
And please for once be honest with me
Is faithfulness a quality
You will never be able to be
So just help me to understand
Just who it is you are
And please do not treat me
Like some ill- fated falling star
If you know you won't be there
Then don't say it at all
Because you know you won't be there
To catch me when I fall
So don't feed me your bull shit
About the road ahead
Because I would have left you
At the starting gate instead
But now I am running wild
And I am losing ground
For I was foolish in thinking
That you would stick around
You remind me that I am losing
With a tone of aggravation
But all that I am leaving behind
Is constant frustration
You say that we have shared
So many things that made us tight
Honey all that springs to mind
Is a pack of Marlboro Lights
Anytime that you were not busy
Being hung over
You spent the rest of your time
Screwing me over
So I hope you are happy
With the clueless girl who is next
And I hope you learn there's more to life
Than drinking, drugs, and sex
You treat me like a child
When it's you who's playing games
You will probably be flipping burgers
While I am relishing in fame
Sometimes you will get mad
At the way I will be
All that I can say to that:
So excuse me for being me

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