Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mirror did you see me bleed?

My body wet and cold.
The numbness consumes,
assumes its the death of

My world's black.
I'm in deeper than an
endless sack.
The world spins and I
find myself in front of
a mirror,
the mirror of me.

I'm trying to cover the
tears with make-up,
though the mascara runs
like its planning my funeral.
I'm trying to wipe away the
blood that surrounds my
broken soul,
though the more I move,
the more and more it

Oh please mirror please,
this isn't the end of me.
I'm breaking through
just please mirror please,
don't see me bleed.

My heart trickles weakly.
Hurt and Burnt.
I pick myself up off the
and wipe away my scrapped
knees. so I can begin

My heart spends it's last bit
of strength on fightening my
fears and learning to stand
nice and tall.

My life begins to shine
beneath my half decayed
no longer stumbling,
no longer slamming myself
against the crashing tides;
I know this is the beginning
of a new life.

I'm beginning to unbleed.
Oh mirror did you see me
Please mirror please tell me
did you see me bleed?

I'm telling you that's not me.
I've broken through.
So mirror did you see me
Is that my reflection I will
forever see?
Just tell me mirror did you
see me bleed?

**random about my past, i've broken out of fear of it which most should know if u've been following my poems..they all connect and tell the story of me. thnxs enjoy.**

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