Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lost in Translation...

Unknown, unseen, so black
Haunts me, kills me
Every moment of my life
I die another death
More painful than the one before
And the beauty within
Mocks me, derides me, laughs at me...
Every moment of guilt
I bottle up within me...

Shapeless, dark, stubborn
Encompasses me
Holds me firmly with strong hands
And the painful grasp
Just makes me more bloodless, more lifeless
More Heartless than I was before...

The secrets unleashed
Strike me like lightening
The pain inflicted
Gives me much wanted relief
And the desire of fulfillment
Lights up my downcast eyes...
The fire of vengeance
Burns bright within me
And cools down my raging mind....

And a hopeless hope
Promises to see me through
A promise meant to be broken....

Just for tonight...

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