Monday, May 4, 2009

Queer Contemplations...

She walked out
A sense of freedom embraced her
No bonds to live by
No rules to obey
She steps out for the first time
All of 14...she had seen the world
As she rubbed the lipstick off
Her clothes stained crimson
Freedom had now found a colour
The knife drops from her hands
She runs out
Runs to play with her friends
Runs towards home'
People stare
Mother's pull their children away
She had a mother once
She had friends once
And now that she was free
Nobody even spoke to her
She had sold her flesh
Out of desperation
But her soul remained
Untouched and strong
By the look on people's face
She realizes it was not only her body sold
But her identity snatched....

Just for tonight...

Dear Rebound Sex, you must be the hardest thing to unravel right now. You see, I always opposed you, I looked down on you, I counted my luc...