Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Midnight under the sheltering skies
Wish on a star for I'm paralyzed
You've frozen this heart, broken these wings
I need to learn again what freedom brings

Prisoner in the realm of emptiness
Breakout from this void, land of darkness.
Shadows of past can't ruin the future
Spread my wings again just like a vulture

Ride the chilling breeze, once more I dare
Hunt for love begins somewhere out there
Beauty of forgiveness is my gain
Farewell, my unnecessary pain

Soar, Black Crow, Soar.
Search for happiness that once was yours
Entirety of heavens is all yours

Soar, White Dove, Soar.
View the world through different set of eyes
Freedom gives you the power to rise.

Fly high, Soar high,
Sorrow, Good-bye.

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