Monday, July 23, 2012

Underneath it all...

A black ocean is the sky above
Trapped in material plane, they search for love
Slow, slow lover, a beautiful disaster
I listen to your heart beat faster and faster

It's all a pretty train crash to me
Imagine the colors I can see
Twilight zone, twilight zone
Dancing in the dark alone

Among the flowers, lies the knife
Cut through the thorns, release your life
Reach past the cage made steel
Don't loose control, keep your hands on the wheel

Can you see into my mind's eye?
Slip out of consciousness, escape the lie
Why are we looking at broken mirrors?
Sometimes our words fall on deaf ears

When will the rains come and quench the ground
I see them but I don't hear a sound
Pain hits like a fallen satellite
Evil becomes good, dark becomes light

I search for something to hold onto, nothing in sight
Evil becomes good, dark becomes light
I'm drowning again, what is wrong, what is right
Evil becomes good, dark becomes light

I pull myself up to where I should be
Don't be afraid of becoming the sea
Night falls upon me; I stare at the sky
The stars stare back down, please don't let them die

You make the stars brighter
The moon shine a little lighter
When it feels like all hope is gone
You give me the strength to hold on

I was blind until I saw you
Every doubt is erased, I know that it's true
Perfect, it covers all my fear
To you, is who, I want to be near

Unconditionally, always, and forever
I won't let you go, never
Through thick and thin, my best friend for all time
On my last line, hard to think of one final rhyme...

Just for tonight...

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