Monday, November 24, 2008

Have to let it go...

a new morning, bringing in its wake
another sad day of lesser daylight
and lengthening shadows.
where are those verdant meadows?
where is the happiness you promised me?
i'm lost in the mindless traffic of this busy city.
perhaps, you know the way?

the Sun. the wonderful warm Sun.
it does not warm my cold body.
it stares at me icily, daring me to stare back.
makes me feel like a stranger in my own world.
i feel alienated, oh! i feel so wronged!
i belong here, but they do not care.
perhaps, you could convince them?

the waves crash down at my feet
like they were waiting to swallow me
engulf me and eat me up-
mind, body and soul.
they are powerful, omni-potent;
mightier than the pen i now hold,
saltier than the tears my dried eyes had once shed.
i cannot escape Nature's outrage, the ruthlessness of its punishments.
perhaps, you have some pity for me?

the world has had enough of me
or, is it the other way round?
then, why dont the stars twinkle at me?
why doesn't the wind sing me lullabies?
my slashed wrists bleed, profuse, shameless..
my blood soothes my body
my eyes find pleasure in watching it flow.
i must go now.
perhaps, you will pray to let me rest in peace?

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