Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am
a wave of no return
a breeze diffusing into nothingness
a single burst of perfumed fragrance
a whiff of memory
and nothing more...

I am
on the sidelines of your dreams
watching the dramas you create
in your whimsical mind
with folded arms
and half smiles of suppressed delight

I have
no colour
no flame
and no texture
A fleeting impulse I am
not to be confused
with your waking hours
of insanity.

I am
a solitary tear
shed in a forgotten haze
over reasons, trivial
only a dull memory
of sympathetic heaviness
happily abandoned
in the smiles of the moment.

I am the dawn's moon
I am the dewdrop
I am the poet's thought
I am the woman's lot
And I come, to go
And I shall be gone...

Fare you

Just for tonight...

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