Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As I sit down by the river and sigh with sadness
Thinking of the times that are lost to me,
I send a small stone skipping ‘cross the water
As I lean back and lose my sanity.

I wished and prayed for true love from another
But ‘ere I looked none ever came to pass my way
So I sit here alone with sadness deep inside
And I know I don't want to live another day

The water was so clear and pure and cold
As I stepped into it's bitter grasping hand.
The fish that swam around me had no idea
Upon these shores I'd make my final stand.

I walked out further in the deepening river
As it slowly took my body and pulled me in
I lost my footing and began to give in
Cause I knew this would be my very end.

It splashed about my head as I slowly sank
Into it's depths I'd look around for my last time.
The frigid water slowly took my breath away
And I knew I'd finally reached the last sublime.

As her pale cold body floated down the river,
So calm and peaceful and so free of care;
The fish that swam below her didn't realize
That her body was lifeless floating there.

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