Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Using words that don’t explain
My ongoing, torturing, hated pain
I’m lost and I don’t know why
I have to live, I have to cry

I haven’t done my one last deed
A salvation is what I need
But who cares, for I am lost
I’ve been forgotten, my soul at cost

And then one night, as I lay awake
Regretting the feelings I could not fake
My tears bring forth my dead love
Of cutting, slitting, drawing blood

I forget my life, and shut out the sun
And cut my wrists until I’m numb
From the pain, but I love it so much
Because it feels like your forgotten touch

Now, when I need something to do
To remind me of my love for you
I take out my trusted blade
And let my painful feelings fade

Just for tonight...

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