Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Walled in...

She built walls
Of granite around her.
Recoiling from confrontation,
She fortified her castle,
Making the facades stronger.
Each sarcastic word she endured constructed
Another layer.

Beyond the wall,
Her transparent front appeared petrified.
A warm smile or greeting failed to
Thaw the frozen sea within her.
Her stony expression
Was devoid of feeling-
She could not give love
Nor could she receive love.

The turbulent waves crashed
Against the walls, but their efforts were in vain.
Unwavering, she peered down from the tower.
The white water jumped higher,
But she was always a tread ahead.
Only relentless determination
And unrequited love could
Unlock the iron gate and gain entrance.

Stony-hearted, she unintentionally
Reeled Romeos in and
Cast them back over the precipice
Into the dark, frigid sea.
The lovers were dragged away
By the undertow,
Far away from her feelings.

Just for tonight...

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