Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dreamer's Tears

tears roll down my cheek when i'm alone
as i cry in my bed
facing the world on my own
i dream of a place of sanitywhere all my pains will be put to an end
not in a dark and sullen place like this
so i would no longer need to pretend
hide my emotions under false ones
as my heart suffers deep inside
the reason of my existence is still unknown
but i hope someday this hell will be overthrown
sometimes i feel i could never recover
that i would never wake up from this nightmare
i dream of being a bid so i could fly
but it never happens even if i try
i struggle for love and happiness
yet all i get is despair and loneliness
i hope someday these eyes of mine will dry
so that for once i would'nt CRY

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