Friday, August 8, 2008

Someday Soon......


Tears fall from a broken heart
shattered to pieces by lies
bending beneath emotions
weakness on the rise

Feeling the pains of rejection
lost in the arms of despair
reaching for the one I love
crumbling because he's not there


Thoughts such a jumble
feeling that I'm to blame
angry at the world in whole
tired of playing the game

Heart torn and bleeding
trying to grasp the string
that keeps me held up
as I fly with just one wing

TODAY .....

Realizing I am not to blame
for the betrayal of your trust
but if it makes you feel better
blame me if you must

Within my heart I now know
my moods must halt these swings
for I go with the flow of your emotions
and unhappiness is what it brings

Thankful to my friends and family
who've helped pull me through
no need to mention names
if you're reading this, you know who

Tired I must sleep now
awaken refreshed and alive
even if I cant live without you
realizing I cant survive .....


Things will look much brighter
my heart will find peace
no longer living in this anger
and searching for release

Moving on with you
I've already extended my hand
it's your choice whether to take it
and get the help I demand

So good-bye to hurt and anger
hello to a brand new day
knowing my heart will mend
not today but ....someday

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