Friday, August 8, 2008

Something in the Way...

Something that got lost in the dreams
Something that the darkness stole
Colors which were benighted by black n white
A thousand tears that took toll

The days when the rains kissed me
The gleam that redefined this smile
The shiver which didn’t let us sleep
The unexplainable beauty turned senile

The bed of red roses turned black
Those childish dreams turned sour
The slow numbers lost their tune
The birds that sang flew away far

Well it just started raining, so let it pour
The candle still holds, the flame shall be the mentor
Don’t drift away, wait just one more day
One more prayer, for something in the way

Come into the night, flee those fears away
Sing with a smile in memory of an unforgettable array
Let the rain be a reason for you to play
Dream out loud as you walk, for something in the way

Just for tonight...

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