Friday, August 8, 2008

Cashing up on frozen Tears...

Behind the veil that she wears
She hides a gaze for she learnt to swear
She grounds her eyes, bores a hole deep
They taught her the art of promiscuous sleep
Cashing upon frozen tears
Seasonal juices she’ll lose, she fears
Mirrors will reflect the fissured skin
Yet the empty stomach prepares to commit a sin
The gentle blush upon a touch
A shriek unheard is made 2 hush
Slithering monsters grabbing by the arm
Picking and choosing the fruits of the farm

For her love is a tale
Most unheard, yet like many she fails…
A grain of sand was picked from a few
She kissed him and he disappeared like dew
In a delusion she lived and awaited
For the night to come and love satiated
The longest night in her dreams it was
A salty night silenced the pause
The lunatic days lingered for long
She heaved and sighed and played a song
Lonesome in the quilt she lay
Waiting for the snakes to hiss and throw her away

This is her journey so grim, so vague
She loved him yet died of this plague
Welcomed by the honest grave
Shell sleep forever in its arms, she’s safe
In the darkness of the day
Her eyes will decay
The moon will rise
The sun will shine
She’ll risk her flesh with an earnest mind
She’ll play the sport, before she’s blind
For Behind the veil that she wears
She hides a gaze for she learnt to swear…

Just for tonight...

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