Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My tears say a prayer
Filled with despair and sorrow
Hope someone would rock my cradle
And wake me up tomorrow

To get me into bed
And sing me a song
There's no one beside me
The nights are really really long

To make me breakfast
And make me lunch
Bake me some cookies
With a whole lot of crunch

Someone to get me dressed
Walk me to school
Someone for me to fool
On the day of April fool

Someone to give me gifts
When I turn a new year
Listen to my dreams
And always lend an ear

Someone to hug
Someone to kiss me
And when I am away
Someone who would miss me

To teach me to share
To teach me to play
Someone I could wish
On Mothers Day

To clean me up
When I play in the dirt
To wipe my tears
When my knee gets hurt

To tell me a story
And put me to bed
to show the green trees
And the roses that are red

I'll never play with her now
It's all too late
I see her in my tears
I was undone by fate

She talks to me though
When I am in my dream
Only then am i happy
As sad as it may seem

I have a few memories
But they are just a trace
How I love to see my mom
When I draw her face

She wont come back to me
I will never see her
The only time I see her
Is in my prayer

So, I spread my arms
And I start to pray
I wish i had my mom
For just another day

Just for tonight...

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