Friday, August 8, 2008

Into the Forest of my Heart...

Dreaming about a journey i embark,
Into The Forest Of My Heart,
The wolves of Pain have made life dark,
And ripped happiness' sheep apart,

The trees of love are calloused and frozen,
Over the cottage of belief,forsaken and broken,
The doorway of trust has been left half open,
With the creepers of lies everywhere,honesty lyes unspoken,

But The Forest Here Was Once A Safe Warm Place,
With Peace And The Sunrays Of Hope Everywhere,
The Forest Bred Life With A Beautiful Grace,
But All That's Left Is The Reign Of Despair..

The Inferno of wrath has disgraced,
And the set the sea of reason Aflame,
The sun of hope has a blackened face,
With the clouds of depression to blame,

Now The Perpetual Darkness Of Revenge Lyes Not Too Far,
The Forest Floor Of Emotions Has Been Riven Apart,
But My Journey will Go On To Reveal The Scar,
Into The Forest Of My Heart...

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