Friday, August 8, 2008


I need to know, under this cloud,
Is it only sadness, that exists in pain?
Can't the grieving deceive themselves,
Mistake their own tears for rain?

I need to know, next to this shore,
Is a sailor, not a sailor away from the docks?
Can't a romantic write of roses and hearts,
Staring at the darkness of the midnight clocks?

I need to know, next to the pyre,
Is a lesson, not a lesson, if you don't learn?
Is a flame, not a flame,
If it's kiss, doesn't burn?

I need to know, from this river,
Is something not true, always a lie?
Would you still call water, water,
Even if it's touch leaves you dry?

I need to know, from the looking glass
Is being not dead, a sign of life?
Would you still be a poet,
If you dropped your pen, and embraced a knife?

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