This Kiss...

We stood in the doorway
His hands on my waist
The clock tickling loudly
Almost in haste

He moved in closer
His eyes locked in mine
I long for his kiss
For just a moment in time

His lips meet mine
And I feel the sensation
No longer must I wait
To give into the sweet temptation

My knees go weak
My palms become sweaty
I go back to that place
I have been so many times already

The world disappears
All that's left is him and I
And as we pull away
I feel as though I could fly

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sandeep said...

intense! luved all the poems. but i see that ur last post is in aug. hope its not coz of lack of readers. please do write more frequently.

and thnx for visiting my blog and the comment. i write only once in a blue moon and they are mostly twists of reality :)